A qualification in Applied Physics offers a wide range of career options. Physicists can be employed to carry out research and development in a large number of specialties (see below). However, in addition to their specialist knowledge, physicists are valued for their mathematical and computer literacy, and for their problem solving abilities. Applied physicists in particular are valued for their experimental skills, and knowledge of a broad range of techniques of use in both research and industry. Consequently physicists find employment in a wide variety of areas (including, teaching, environmental planning, investments and technical management...), many of which may not be obvious candidates to employ physicists.

Applied Physics is also attractive to both genders - a substantial percentage of students enrolled in applied physics are female, and this is increasing each year.

Physics provides interesting employment prospects, with good financial rewards (PDF)

Research in Physics

Physicists conduct research in a wide range of specialties. These include

Atmospheric Physics
Colloid Science
Computational Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Lasers and Photonics
Materials Science
Medical Physics
Nuclear Science
Theoretical Physics

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